Utari K. Syaukat
Co-founder | Brand+Design Strategy Director
Utari is a strong believer that if we chip in even just a little bit, we can make the world a better place. She urges you hard to use less plastic, less take-outs, no plastic straw, and to please bring your own tumbler and water. Also a Strala Yoga guide, and a wellness studio co-owner and co-founder of Feel Good Space, Utari feels that if people live mindfully, compassionate towards self and others, and consistently creating space inside and around us, we can give and help others better.

Okay, now about her academic and work history: After graduating from Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, with a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts, Utari Syaukat had an internship at Mint Design Inc. Prior to that, Utari had an internship at Modern Dog in Seattle, while she was still in school. Modern Dog also hired Utari for a top secret Coca Cola project back in 2006. She also had the experiences to design limited silk-screen posters for artists such as Jem (Utari collaborated with Jannie Mercado) and Laura Veirs, who performed at Sasquatch! Music Festival. Utari then moved to New York and freelanced for Yard and then landed a job at PS New York. In July 2007, Utari moved back to her homeland, Jakarta, Indonesia, and worked as an in-house designer for The Papilion, a high-end luxurious mall with an edge. She was responsible for creating the concepts, the design, and also production work. She was the one who designed the Diptyque shelves at The Papilion Duo in Pacific Place, Jakarta. When she thought it was time to pursue the dream of her life, which was to run her own graphic design studio, he had to say goodbye to The Papilion to pour her sweat, tears and love for The Company Studio.

* Utari loves: Coffee + Food + Design + Music + Yoga, cooking shows, sitcoms, criminal drama, and books. She has a music project together with her friend Aghi Narottama called Ape on the Roof. She is also a part-time lecturer at UIC Design. She is also an active member of Pondok Indah Green Community and Carabella Reborn Softball Club. @utari_syaukat

Armi Gumelar Hidayat
Co-Principal | Finance & Event Director
Armi graduated from Seattle University with a degree in Bachelor of Sciences and Arts in Communication Studies, Armi decided to come back to the land of Indonesia in 2004. Armi began her career path by working at one of a well-established TV stations in Indonesia, P.T. Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia (RCTI). For almost two years, she was responsible in Promotion Off-Air. Armi handled different types of creative agendas and one of them was the super famous Indonesian Idol. At The Company Studio, she was in charge for all events in the past such as NTC x PPI, Mad Ants, Frank & Co. Currently she is busy handling activation events for adidas. Her human-centered thinking made the client's event flowing comfortably and smooth.

* Armi loves: SPORTS, SPORTS, SPORTS!!! (She’s a sports freak people… Watch out! She’s gonna kick yoooo a*s!) Oh, even more than sports, she loves her little family even more... @ami_gumelar