Utari K. Syaukat
Co-founder | Brand+Design Strategy Director
Utari is an experienced designer with a demonstrated history of working in the graphic design industry. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) focused in Graphic Design from Cornish College of the Arts, with added specialty in Brand Strategy.

She’s here to help your brand stronger. With the team, she will accompany you in (re)crafting your brand responsibly,empathetically, ethically, sustainably, purposefully with mindful approach. She’ll be there to help you find your why and your purpose, cultivating your team, building your brand and your business stronger from the inside out.

A strong believer, not a belieber (nothing against Justin Bieber) that if we chip in even just a little bit, we can make the world a better place and even nourish it!

Also a Stråla Yoga guide, Utari feels that if people live mindfully, compassionate towards self and others, and consistently creating space inside and around us—we can serve and help others better

* Utari loves: Coffee + Food + Design + Music + Yoga, cooking shows, sitcoms, criminal drama, and books. She has a music project together with her friend Aghi Narottama called Ape on the Roof. She is member of Pondok Indah Green Community and Carabella Reborn Softball Club. @utari_syaukat

Armi Gumelar Hidayat
Co-Principal | Finance & Event Director
Armi graduated from Seattle University with a degree in Bachelor of Sciences and Arts in Communication Studies, Armi decided to come back to the land of Indonesia in 2004. Armi began her career path by working at one of a well-established TV stations in Indonesia, P.T. Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia (RCTI). For almost two years, she was responsible in Promotion Off-Air. Armi handled different types of creative agendas and one of them was the super famous Indonesian Idol. At The Company Studio, she was in charge for all events in the past such as NTC x PPI, Mad Ants, Frank & Co. Currently she is busy handling activation events for adidas. Her human-centered thinking made the client's event flowing comfortably and smooth.

* Armi loves: SPORTS, SPORTS, SPORTS!!! (She’s a sports freak people… Watch out! She’s gonna kick yoooo a*s!) Oh, even more than sports, she loves her little family even more... @ami_gumelar