“Celebration in Diversity” Celebrate World Cup 2010, watch the big match, listen to the world music, & enjoy the great atmosphere at Capocaccia, June 11-July 11.

In celebration of FIFA World Cup 2010, The Company Studio assisted Capocaccia Jakarta presents a fresh set of music compilation, ranging from funk to soul and jazz from different parts of the world.

Working together with REI (Leno, who is now the Music Director of Capocaccia) and team, every Friday, we took all guests all the way from Brazil for their addictive rhythm of Bossa and Samba, Argentina and Uruguay for their sexy tango, Africa for their rhythm and Afro Beat, USA for their Jazz and Funk, Mexico for their Mariachi Guitar and Marimba, Spain for their Flamenco, to Cuba for their Rumba and Cuban Jazz, and not to mention other music from different parts of the globes which shape our cultural diversity.

For one whole month, Capo offered refreshing, uplifting beats and melodies to the lovely customers, listeners and soccer fans before and after the world cup matches.

4 finest DJs played the wonderful world of music selections from the past, present and to the future on every Friday, Semi Final Parties, and Final Celebration Party. Each DJ has played and spun in numerous upscale hot spots in Jakarta, Bali, Seattle, and New York City. They will bring their own style and offer a sighting of the elusive high-energy moment at the kick-off celebration of World Cup 2010.

The Company Studio was in charge for organizing the events, promotions, designing all promotions materials, and inviting new crowd.

The Outcome: For one whole memorable month, Capocaccia has increased their SALES and reached out to the new crowd (younger crowd as they wished)
Public Relations: Cecilia B. Salim
Creative Direction: Utari Syaukat
Design: Dimas Rubianto