Creating a Space Where You Are All Welcome :)

Selatan: Ruang Karya & Ruang Makan

Creating an inclusive space needs more than a commitment. The founders have to embody the core values in order to be able to lead by example, especially when internal management is the most challenging aspect of all. Back when it was an eatery called Kedai, they didn’t have deep insights of who they were. Kedai has transitioned from a sole-ownership business— owned only by Kartika Jahja—to a wholehearted partnership with Fadhilla Ristianti and Sinung Winahyoko. Our mission was to help Selatan embody their core values and communicate them with the team and the customers — making people feel genuinely welcomed and comfortable.

We helped Selatan discover their purpose and beliefs. We also designed their visual identity from the ground up, capturing their rawness and authenticity in a new logo and brand style guidelines. In addition, we designed their menu as well, communicating what they’re serving and their ethical beliefs towards the environment and the foods they serve. Selatan stands for Sustainability, Empowering, Loving, Authentic, Tranquil, Aspirational, and Neutral.

Since they open their doors, Selatan has attracted loyal customers from the old days as well as new loyal customers. They really appreciate their new vision, mission, and values. Even The Jakarta Post has covered them in a one full-page article. Jakarta Globe Online also wrote an article about one of the programs there, Dance for Self Love. Now Jakarta also took part writing about Selatan. People love hanging out at Selatan because it’s a comfortable space, they feel welcomed, they feel inspired, and of course they love the food. The people who work there feel like they belong, because Selatan empowers them and treat them with love.

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